Peer Review Process

This journal implements a rigorous single anonymized review process. Upon submission, all manuscripts undergo a thorough quality check by the editor. Each manuscript is then carefully evaluated by a minimum of two expert reviewers who assess its scientific quality and verify its originality to ensure it is free from plagiarism. The reviewer's assessment plays a decisive role in determining the acceptance or rejection of articles, and their decision is considered final. It is important to note that reviewers are not involved in the writing of the manuscript. They are selected based on their expertise and are independent from the authors, their family members, or colleagues with whom they may have any personal or professional affiliations.

Overview from Submission to Publication

Timeline for review

Authors can expect to receive an initial decision on their manuscript within an average of 2-3 weeks. However, if authors require a fast-track review and publication, we offer an expedited process that can be completed within 7 days. To request a fast-track review, authors should mention it in their cover letter accompanying the manuscript submission. We strive to accommodate authors' needs and provide efficient and timely evaluations of their work.